Child Support Enforcement

Child Support

The Sixth Judicial District Attorney's Child Support Enforcement Program is a partnership with the State of Louisiana to establish the paternity of a minor child, obtain an order of support, and to collect child support for East Carroll, Madison and Tensas Parishes. This office also registers existing child support orders for enforcement to be collected through the state. Once an application is received from the office of Support Enforcement Services (S.E.S.), we will access the application and then docket the matter for either District or Hearing Officer Court. 

If you are a custodial parent and need assistance with establishing the paternity of a minor child, establishing an order of support, or enforcing an existing order, please go to the Louisiana Department of Social Services' website ( The website contains all information needed to start your application. 

S.E.S. will review the application and contact you to schedule an appointment. The District Attorney's Office will handle your case in court once it is referred from S.E.S. If you have a question about court, please contact us here at the District Attorney's office. If you need to speak with your case worker, please contact the Support Enforcement Services call center. 

Contact Numbers: 

District Attorney Non-Support: (318) 574-1715
Support Enforcement Services Call Center: (318) 574-0486